Beautifully Hand Engraved Keepsake Boxes

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All Your Love in One Beautiful Keepsake Box.

Speak from the heart and give your loved one a special surprise, a gift within a gift. All your love and well wishes wrapped in one beautiful keepsake box. A gorgeous gift they can keep forever.


Why our Wooden Keepsake Boxes are a Great Gift Idea

We here at Hooked In A Box have redefined the act of gift-giving and made it more personalised and more heartfelt. Our mission is that every person that receives our hand engraved keepsake boxes feels loved and special.

All memory keepsake boxes feature the rustic beauty of the finest, carefully selected pine/timber wood, hand-engraved with any design of your choice.

The Memory Keepsake Box come in two sizes:

Medium: 28 x 27 x 13cm

Large: 38 x 27 x 13cm

Gift ideas: photo calendar, photo album, coffee mug, framed kids artwork, movie passes, gift vouchers or jewellery the options are endless

About Hooked In A Box

We are a family business and we pride ourself in delivering a high quality to you. Our highest values are Quality, Sustainability and Excellence.

QUALITY. Every keepsake box from us a product of an extensive process of meticulously sourcing the finest ply/pine timber within Australia. We scrupulously handcraft your signature designs, and thoroughly check every single detail of it—all to ensure it meets your personal expectation.

SUSTAINABILITY is our top consideration. All aspects of the business—from the sourcing process, design and preparation, production and distribution—have been full-proofed to be environmentally friendly, ethical, and with minimal to zero carbon footprint, just as nature would have had it.

EXCELLENCE is a standard by which we live by. We have unparalleled integrity, performance, and delivery standards that ensure a special and bespoke gift-giving experience for you and your family, friend or business colleagues.

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