Personalised Hand Engraved Wooden Keepsake Boxes

All Your Love in One Beautiful Keepsake Box. Speak from the heart with a gift that’s personalised and handcrafted. All your love and attention and well wishes wrapped in one beautiful keepsake box. Because your loved ones deserve no less than something beautiful and special.

Why Hooked In A Box

At Hooked in a Box, we have redefined the act of gift-giving and made it more selfless, more heartfelt, making sure every recipient feels the extraordinary love and undivided attention of the giver, regardless of any occasion—and how better to do that than with our unique Memory Keepsake Box. Featuring the rustic beauty of the finest, carefully selected pine/timber wood impeccably hand-engraved with any design of your choice, the Memory Keepsake Box makes for the best present we can offer our best friends, our beloved siblings, our dear parents, and just about anybody we wish to show our purest of love and sincerest of attention.

About Us

Quality. Every keepsake box from Hooked in a Box is a product of an extensive process of meticulously sourcing the finest ply/pine timber within Australia, scrupulously handcrafting those signature designs, and thoroughly checking every single detail of it—all to ensure it meets (and exceeds) client’s quality expectations.

Beauty. Because we have set our standards high, our keepsake boxes from Hooked in a Box is your tangible representation of sheer beauty and sophistication like no other. Coupled with a remarkable story of how it is created, every keepsake box is a beautiful masterpiece that your family will love to keep for generations.

Sustainability. At Hooked in a Box, sustainability is our top consideration. All aspects of the business—from the sourcing process, design and preparation, production and distribution—have been full-proofed to be environmentally friendly, ethical, and with minimal to zero carbon footprint, just as nature would have had it.

Excellence. We have mastered the science of keepsake boxes at Hooked in a Box. With our primary goal of meeting (and even exceeding) client expectations, we have unparalleled quality, performance, and delivery standards that ensure a special and bespoke gift-giving experience for every client..