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Handmade Crochet Baby Bonnet [Eco-Range]

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Handmade baby bonnets using a beautiful 100% Falkland merino wool, ecologically and organically produced. Soft and luxuriously gentle on sensitive skins. It is 100% natural, breathable, temperature sensitive, modern and easy to care for.

Available in four gorgeous colours: blossom, duck egg, mustard, camel and ecru (white)

Size: Fits 0-3 months

**Please note, as this is a handmade item, and made to order, we try out best to despatch 3-5 business days from when the order is processed.

About Falkland Merino Wool
Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Falklands archipelago is the home to wonderful fauna and flora. Combine this with clear blue skies, huge open spaces and vast sandy beaches and you have an ecological paradise. 

This the perfect home for the Falkland sheep. All Falkland sheep are truly farmed in a completely organic way with no use of pesticides or dips. 
The sheep are allowed to roam freely in their natural habitat for most of the year and only come in when it is time for shearing. Because of the climate, the animals do not suffer from fly strike and therefore the practice of muesling is not carried out. 

The fleece of the Falkland sheep is particularly white, thus giving beautiful, pure shades when dyed, while the softness of the fibre lends luxury to the knitted fabric.